Wisconsin Urological Society (WUS)

Membership Information

An applicant for membership in the Wisconsin Urological Society must reside and practice urology within the State of Wisconsin. Members who move out of the state may retain membership within the society.

Society membership includes active members and senior members.

Eligibility Requirements Include:

Active members

  1. Possession of an unlimited license to practice medicine and surgery in the state of the applicant’s practice.
  2. Membership in good standing in the American Urological Association, Inc. or meets all eligibility requirements for future membership in the American Urological Association as an active member.
  3. Limitation of practice to the specialty of urology.
  4. Recommendation for membership by two voting members of the society.

Affiliate Members

Members are eligible for affiliate membership in the society if they:

  1. Are an individual with an interest in the field who does not satisfy the criteria as an Active Member including, allied health professional (nurse, NP, PA) or individuals in industry-related positions.

Senior Members

Members are eligible for senior membership in the society if they have:

  1. 25 years of service and age 62 or
  2. 20 years of service and retired or
  3. Permanently disabled.

Voting Rights

Active members and senior members who are in good standing with the society are eligible to vote at the annual meeting.

Elections to the society

All members shall be elected at the annual business meeting after meeting application and membership requirements and appropriate review by the executive committee.

Return form to:
Wisconsin Urological Society
1100 E. Woodfield Road, Suite 350
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(847) 517-7225
(847) 517-7229