Wisconsin Urological Society (WUS)

Abstract Submissions

Wisconsin Urological Society
Virtual 2021 Annual Meeting

April 17, 2021

Abstract submissions are only open to Residents, APPs and Private Practice urologists in Wisconsin.

Abstract Submissions Now Open!

Abstract submissions for the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting are now open and will close January 25, 2021 at noon Central Time.

The call for abstracts is open to residents, private practice urologists and advanced practice providers. This year all accepted abstracts will be published on the Virtual WUS Annual Meeting website, instead of being presented during the scientific program. We encourage all Wisconsin urology residents to submit a presentation. Two resident presentations from both the Madison and Milwaukee residency programs will be selected to present their abstracts during the virtual scientific program.

Abstract Preparation Instructions:

Please read all instructions carefully before submission

  1. Please type the title of paper in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Only the title need be all caps.
  2. Use first name and middle initial of all authors, listing the principal author first. List city and state of origin, but not the institution.
  3. After listing city and state of origin: “Presentation to be made by Dr. ___________.”
  4. In your Word document, type single space on one page of text and double space between paragraphs. Please set your page margins as follows: top at 1.3", bottom at 1.4", right and left at 1.2".
  5. The abstract should be informative and detailed. It must contain: (a) a statement of the study’s objectives; (b) a statement of methods, if pertinent; (c) a summary of the results obtained; and (d) a statement of the conclusions. It is NOT acceptable merely to state that: “the results will be discussed.”
  6. Avoid excessive abbreviations in abstract. Abbreviations may be used only after the words are written out in full at first mention, e.g., “benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).”
  7. Please label your abstract file as follows: Full Presentation Title_Principal Author’s Full Name (ex. Prostate Cancer Update 2020_John Smith)
  8. Abstracts must be submitted by January 25, 2021. Please include name, address and daytime phone number of principal author, so we may contact them if necessary.
  9. Abstracts will be considered for the following categories:
    • Adrenal/Kidney/Ureter/Bladder - Benign
    • Adrenal/Kidney/Ureter - Malignant
    • Bizarre & Interesting Cases
    • Bladder - Malignant
    • Endourology/Stone Diseases
    • Laparoscopy/Robotics - Kidney
    • Laparoscopy/Robotics - Other
    • Laparoscopy/Robotics - Prostate
    • Male & Couple Infertility/Sexual Dysfunction
    • Outcomes Research
    • Pediatric Urology
    • Penis/Urethra/Testis/Scrotum - Benign or Malignant
    • Prostate - Benign
    • Prostate - Malignant
    • Socioeconomic/Health/Policy
    • Trauma/Transplant
    • Urinary Incontinence/Neurourology

Please submit abstract materials to:
Samantha Florine, Executive Director
Wisconsin Urological Society