Wisconsin Urological Society (WUS)

About Us

The Wisconsin Urological Society was founded on October 29, 1926. The society’s first president was Dr. Ira Sisk of Madison and had 25 charter members. Our society has now grown to more than 150 members.

The society is governed by an executive committee consisting of a president-elect, president, and past-president, as well as a secretary/treasurer, who oversee the business of running the society, as well as to arrange and put on the annual meeting of the group. Meetings are generally held in the spring of each at various sites around the state.

The society was created to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific and clinical ideas and data amongst its members, and to provide a mechanism, through the annual meetings, for the discussion and implementation of this data to the clinical practice of urology. The goals of the society are, by facilitating this exchange, to provide state of the art urologic care to the residents of Wisconsin, and to assist in the educational efforts of its members, as well as to disseminate new data and technologic advances to the practicing urologists of Wisconsin.

The society also assists the University of Wisconsin Medical School in Madison and the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in the education, training, and development of the resident physicians and para-medical staff and personnel at each institution.

The Wisconsin Urological Society is composed of a group of specialists trained in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the adult and pediatric urinary tract. These conditions range from urologic cancers, stone disease, prostate conditions and infections, to urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and congenital pediatric abnormalities.

Our members are geographically spread throughout the state of Wisconsin, and practice in settings ranging from community based solo practitioners, to single and multi-specialty groups, to university based practitioners in academic centers. Our interests vary across our group from office based adult and pediatric urology, to full and part time academic research and teaching positions, as well as full time pediatric and uro-oncology specialists.

If you need to contact us, please e-mail the society at info@wisurol.com